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Free Breakfast

Start your day with a healthy breakfast.
Since it is our desire to see our guests at Toyoko Inn off with a healthy mind and body, each hotel provides an individually desgined, healthy complimentary breakfast.

Free Breakfast Service at Toyoko Inn

All Free

Free Breakfast service is provided at all Toyoko Inn hotels. All menus are free!

  • For Toyoko Inn Frankfurt fee applies but has already been included to your room rate.

Homemade Healthy Breakfast

Enjoy a genially prepared, healthy homemade breakfast that reminds you of the gentle flavour of your mother's cooking.

Local Produce

We try to use locally produced ingredients like fresh vegetables or rice, etc. These fresh ingredients will energize your body.

Free for Accompanying Children

Breakfast is also served to accompanying children that don't sleep in their own bed. No extra fees are charged. Please have a good time with your family.

Due to the spread of the new coronavirus, Our breakfast menu may be prepared in a different style.
Some breakfast menu may be limited.

Sample Menu

Rice Balls
Each hotel is very particular about the ingredients they use.
Freshly Baked Bread
Some hotels have their bread delivered from local bakeries while other hotels bake their own bread.
Japanese Mixed Rice
Japanese mixed rice is made with seasonal ingredients and is served warm. You will be able to enjoy each season through this dish.
Chirashi Sushi
Some hotels serve chirashi sushi (a variety of sushi ingredients scattered over rice) on special days or as a daily special.
Inari Sushi
Sweet and juicy inari sushi (rice wrapped in fried tofu) is especially popular among children.
Breakfast curry
Breakfast curry is a very popular dish on the menu. The hotels serving curry are increasing steadily.
Miso Soup
Our miso soup is full of ingredients and nutrients and will warm you up ♪
It is simple but tasty. The omelet, with a hint of sweetness, is a breakfast classic.
It is one of the most popular side dishes. Please enjoy them with ketchup.
They go perfectly with rice! Meatballs are both children's and adults' favorite.
Mixed Salad
It is healthy and full of fresh vegetables ♪
Radish and Mizuna Salad
This is recommended for those who prefer a refreshing Japanese salad.
Potato Salad
It goes perfectly with bread. Please enjoy the flavor of these fresh potatoes.
Macaroni Salad
It is a classic Western style salad — easy to eat and recommended for children.
Glass Noodle Salad
This Chinese-style glass noodle salad is light, and its fragrance of sesame oil will stimulate your appetite.
Furofuki Daikon
This steamy hot dish with simmered radish soaked in Japanese soup stock is topped with sweet miso.
Chikuzen-ni (Simmered Chicken and Root Vegetables)
It is a simmered dish full of ingredients and nutrients. Its homemade taste will make you feel at ease.
Radish Soboro-ni
The soft radish and minced meat warms you from the core and is perfect for the cold season.
Lotus Roots and Stem Lettuce dressed in Umeboshi
The crisp lotus root matches perfectly with the flavor of umeboshi (pickled plums)!
It is full of soybeans rich in vitamins.
  • The breakfast menu mentioned above is an example. Each hotel serves its original menu other than what is presented here. Please be aware that not all hotels serve this menu.
  • Some hotels only serve bread.

Hotels with Exclusive Breakfast Menus

Toyoko Inn Ishigaki-jima
At this hotel, original Okinawan dishes like mozuku seaweed harvested at the local sea, bitter melon salad, and fried pork are served from day to day to experience Okinawa even at breakfast.
Toyoko Inn Kagoshima Temmonkan No. 2
This hotel serves homemade and healthy dishes such as colorful pickles and seasoned komatsuna (Japanese mustard spinach), or dishes using vegetables like sweet potatoes from Kagoshima.
Toyoko Inn Fujisan Numazu-eki Kita-guchi No. 1
Fujisan Numazu-eki Kita-guchi No. 2
The "Numazu Rice Balls" served at both Numazu hotels is a special and flavorful dish of the area that uses a local specialty, dried horse mackerel flakes, mixed together with shiso, sesame, and red pickled ginger. Please try this special rice ball that took a long time to perfect!
Toyoko Inn Saga Ekimae
At the Saga Ekimae hotel, warm and fluffy scrambled eggs with honey and olive oil are served, using fresh eggs from local poultry farmers. We also recommend you trying the rice balls and Japanese mixed rice made of domestically produced rice.
Toyoko Inn Sasebo Ekimae
A very popluar dish served daily at Sasebo Ekimae, is called Sara-udon which is a speciality from Nagasaki! Another popular dish is Chirashi Sushi with Pork Kakuni (stewed pork cubes on rice). The perfect tenderness of the pork is the reason for its popularity.

The breakfast serving hours and menu vary from hotel to hotel. Please visit the official website of each hotel for further details.