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This features frequently asked questions from our guests.
Please read through this section before contacting us.

Do you have a parking lot? Can I reserve a room in advance?

It depends on the hotel.
As a general rule, parking is on a first come first served basis. (Some hotels require a reservation.)
Please check the hotel website or contact them for details.

Do you offer parking space for bikes or motorbikes?

There is no parking for bikes or motorbikes. Parking for bikes or motorbikes depends on the hotel, so please contact them beforehand.

Do you have a restaurant inside the hotel?

Most of our hotels do not have restaurants inside.Please ask the front desk for information on restaurants in the area.
Some hotels, however, have Shabu-Shabu Dali and BAR. Please click here for details.Please click here.

Do you have a meeting room?

It depends on the hotel. Please check the hotel website or contact them for details.

Do you have a large public bath?

No hotel has a large public bath. Some hotels have a sauna. Please see here for the detail. Please click herefor details.

Can you smoke cigarettes or e-cigarettes in the room or inside the hotel?

You can smoke in smoking rooms, and in rooms designated for e-cigarettes, only electronic or heated cigarettes are allowed. Other public areas are non-smoking, so please refrain from smoking there.
Some hotels have smoking areas outside the building.

What facilities are available in the hotel?

We offer facilities such as AED, lobby computers, color printers, vending machines, water server, ice machine, microwave, and laundry machines.

What facilities and amenities are available in the room?

There are bath, shower, toilet, air conditioner, writing desk, safety box, refrigerator, humidifier, electric kettle (kettle and electric stove at some hotels), hair dryer, toothbrush set, body soap, shampoo, conditioner, bath towel, face towel, slippers, TV, phone, mug, tea (stick), Tanoyaku magazine, etc.

  • Razors, combs and nightgowns are available for free in the lobby.
  • A trouser press is available on each floor (or in each room depending on the hotel.)
Are there any accommodations for guests with disabilities?

Some hotels have Accessible Rooms. For details, please check the official page of each hotel or contact them directly.
Follow this link for details on Accessible Rooms.

Is there Internet access?

Free Wi-Fi is available on the lobby floor. Guest rooms have both LAN cable and Wi-Fi for free.

Do you offer room service?

We do not offer room service. Please ask the front desk for information on restaurants in the area.