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125, Jungang-daero, Jung-gu, Busan 48924 South Korea


Message from hotel

Availability Calendar

Room type Type 7/18
Club Card Member
General customers
Club Card Member
General customers
Club Card Member
General customers

Toyoko Inn Club Card Member can reserve room at the special price.
Please consider this opportunity.

Hotel Information

Address 125, Jungang-daero, Jung-gu, Busan 48924 South Korea
Check-in Time:15:00(Member) , 16:00(General)
Check-out Time:10:00
Breakfast Buffet(FREE)
Service Hours:06:30 - 09:00
Tel/Fax TEL:+82-(0)51-442-1045
Payment Methods
(On-site payment)
Credit Cards
(Online credit card payment)



77spots available First-come-first-served basis
Hotel guests free of charge
Parking lot:40cars Vehicle heigh2m
Automated parking garage:37cars Car length5.05m Car width2.05m Vehicle heigh1.55m Car weight1.85t


Access from the station (train)
5 min walk from Jungang station exit num.17 on Subway No.1
10 min walk from Busan station on KTX
Access from the airport
30 min by car from Gimhae Airport
In case of using Limousine bus from airport,
It takes about 40~50minutes.
Bus stop is Young Ju Dong(Toyoko Inn busan jungang station no.2).

Information from the hotel

>>>>> Minors are prohibited from staying in the same room <<<<

① If one or two minors are staying without a guardian, they cannot enter the room without submitting the consent form and family relationship confirmation document of the guardian who is a direct blood relative.

② In the case of a minor staying in a mixed room with the opposite sex, Article 2, item 1 of the Juvenile Protection Act stipulates that teenagers under the age of 19 cannot stay in a mixed room with the opposite sex (born after January 1, 2004).

In addition to the above, there may be additional restrictions depending on the hotel situation, and it may be difficult to stay if you do not comply with the request.

Also, please understand that the staff will request confirmation of your ID.

① Can use it at Toyoko-inn hotels all over the world
② Everyday 5% discount accommodation fees
③ Additional 3,000 won discount for HP reservation
④ One free accomodation coupon every 10th stay.(single room)
⑤ Early check-in from 15:00
⑥ Reservation possible up to 6months in advance
⑦ No annual fee! Once you sign up, you'll be a member forever
⑧ If you present a club card, you can get a discount on tourist attractions

※Subscription fee「Just once」
 ·General : 15,000 won
 ·Student : 10,000 won

The razor provided free of charge at the time of stay has been suspended since March 1, 2022.

Please understand this point.
Please bring your personal items when you stay.

Also, razors can buy it at the vending machine if you need it.

>>> This plan is available after 11pm <<<
· Single Room
· Usage amount : 50,000 won

· Economy Double Room
· Usage amount : 55,000 won

· Twin or Double Room
· Usage amount : 60,000 won

※ Extended amount : 11,000 won/per hour
※ On-site reservation only
※ Accommodation cannot be extended
※ Membership discount is not applicable
※ Membership points can be accumulated

  • Conference Room

· Conference A,B [up to 15people]
· Usage amount : 20,000 won/1hour

· Conference C [up to 20people]
· Usage amount : 40,000 won/1hour

※ Additional information ※
· Beam projector : 30,000 won/time

Start your day with a healthy breakfast.
Since it is our desire to see our guests at Toyoko Inn off with a healthy mind and body, each hotel provides an individually desgined, healthy complimentary breakfast.

Enjoy a genially prepared, healthy homemade breakfast that reminds you of the gentle flavour of your mother's cooking.

☆Deluxe double

What is a "deluxe double room"?
It is a new room type at Jungang Station, which is wider than a regular double room and has a living room space (table + sofa), making it more comfortable and comfortable to use.

A special day with lovers and friends.
You can also use it as an event room!

3,000 won off when making a reservation on the official website of Toyokoin!!!

☆ Family Twin

What is "Family Twin"?
This is a connecting room that connects rooms with a new room type at the central station.

It consists of two bathrooms and two queen-sized beds.

a room for up to four adults

There is a living room space (shopa, table, TV) in the middle, so you can enjoy the party together.

3,000 discount when making a reservation on the official website of Toyokoin!!!

☆ Weekly Plan ☆
We offer a 15% discount on the regular price for customers who stay for more than seven nights in a row.

♡ Reservations can be made by phone at Toyokoin Central Station.Please contact us by phone for details.

♡ Members can earn points and receive membership benefits even if it is the Weekly Plan. (Membership discount 5% is not applicable)

☆Monsley Plan☆
It's a very cost-effective plan for those who stay at the hotel for more than 30 nights.

This is a plan for those who have long-term work in Busan and those who travel long-term.

§Monthly Plan Price(30nights price)§
Please contact the hotel for more information at the hotel.

☆This plan is possible if you have a Saturday coin club card, and you can join the club at the front desk. Please contact the hotel for more information at the hotel. ☏051-442-1045

If you use the ☆ Monsley Plan, you can't get a 5% membership discount in duplicate. However, you can apply points accumulation and other membership benefits.