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This features frequently asked questions from our guests.
Please read through this section before contacting us.

How many months in advance can I make a reservation?

Toyoko Inn Club and Toyoko Inn Club Corporate Business members can make reservations up to 3 months in advance. Non-members can make reservations up to 5 months in advance.

Can I make a reservation for someone else?

Yes, you can.
If you are making a reservation on the Toyoko Inn Official Website, please enter the name of the person staying at the hotel in the Guest Name (Representative).

How many rooms can I reserve at once?

You can reserve up to nine rooms at once on the Toyoko Inn Official Website. Reserving 10 rooms or more is processed as a group reservation. Please use the "Group Reservation" option or contact the hotel.

What are the accommodation rates for children?

If a child in elementary school or younger shares a bed with a parent, the accommodation fee for the child is free. (Up to one child per bed)
If this is the case, only enter the number of adults when making a reservation without including the children in the number.
Children with beds of their own or children in the middle school ages will be charged for an accommodation rate equal to adults.
Sharing a bed with your child

Do you have a waiting list?

No, we don’t.
We are sorry, but please check or contact on another day.

Can we specify a room when making a reservation? (Rooms next to each other, a corner room, a room on a higher floor, etc.)

You can only specify room types such as single, twin, double, economy, deluxe, smoking, and non-smoking.
The location of rooms available change on a daily basis, so please ask at the front desk when checking in.
We can accommodate the location of the room as much as possible if you inquire in advance, but it is not guaranteed.

Can I change my reservation?

If you have made a reservation on Toyoko Inn Official Website, you can make changes on Toyoko Inn Official Website except for the hotel and room type.
You cannot cancel nights in the middle of a multiple-night stay. For changes you can not make on Toyoko Inn Official Website, please contact the hotel.

  • For reservation changes made by phone, you may not able to make any more changes on Toyoko Inn Official Website.
How much do you charge for a cancellation?

We charge for cancellations as listed below.

A reservation made on Toyoko Inn Official Website or by phone
After 16:00 on the day/No show100% of the accommodation rate
  • For reservations made on websites run by other companies, the cancellation fee is determined by their policies.
  • A reservation for more than 10 rooms on the same day at the same hotel is processed as a group reservation and may need a separate contract. Cancellation fees for a group reservation are listed below, but if you have signed a contract such as a Group Reservation Confirmation, other rules may apply.
Cancellation Fee for a Group Reservation
7 days in advance10% of the accommodation rate
2-6 days in advance30% of the accommodation rate
The day before50% of the accommodation rate
The same day/No show100% of the accommodation rate
Can I check out earlier than planned?

If you want to move the check-out date ahead during a multiple-night stay, please notify the hotel before 10:00 of the new check-out date. There will be additional fees after 10:00 based on the time of notification.

Additional Fees
Before 14:00¥1,000/hour (incl. tax) (Korea: ₩11,000, Cambodia: US$10, Europe:10€, Philippines:₱500)
14:00 or later100% of the accommodation rate
What are and what are not included in the room rates on the website?

The rates displayed on the website include consumption tax for stays in Japanese hotels and value-added tax for stays in hotels abroad. Hotels subject to the accommodation tax will show the rates inclusive of the accommodation tax on the reservation confirmation screen.

I haven’t received emails related to my reservation.

If you have not received an email, please check for the following possibilities.

  1. The email has been filtered into a “spam” or “trash” folder.
    Check the setting of your email software and make sure you can receive an email from [].
  2. Your mailbox or mail server is full.
    After checking your email settings, increase the capacity of the mailbox or erase unnecessary data.After checking your email settings, increase the capacity of the mailbox or erase unnecessary data.
  3. Emails from [] has been blocked.
    If your emails have been filtered by domains, check your setting and adjust it so that emails from [] are not blocked.