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This features frequently asked questions from our guests.
Please read through this section before contacting us.

What time is check-in/check-out?

Check-in time is at 16:00, and check-out time is at 10:00.
However, Toyoko Inn Club Card and Toyoko Inn Club Corporate members can check-in at 15:00.

I want to check-in early.

We will be able to guidance to the room after 16:00. Check-in procedures are only possible before 16 o'clock.
Toyoko Inn Club Card and Toyoko Inn Club Corporate members can check-in at 15:00.

I want to check-out later.

If there are available rooms on the day, you may extend your room usage. However, the available time slots vary by hotel, so please inquire in advance. If extended, a fee of 1,000 yen (including tax) per hour will be charged until 2:00 PM, and after 2:00 PM, 100% of the room rate will be charged.

(Extension fees for overseas hotels are as follows: Korea: ₩11,000, Cambodia: US$10, Europe: 10€, Philippines: ₱500.)

Could you keep my belongings before the check-in and after the check-out?

Yes, we can keep your belongings from the morning of your check-in date until check-in. However, by the situation are limited, so please contact the hotel beforehand. Luggage storage after check-out is different for each hotel, so please check with each hotel.

  • We cannot accept valuables or products that need to be refrigerated.
Can I send you my luggage before arrival?

We can receive and keep your package or luggage until your arrival.
Please write your reservation number, check-in date, and name(s) of people staying at our hotel legibly in the invoice.
If possible, please specify the delivery date so that it will reach us the day before or on the morning of your check-in date.

  • When The number and size of luggage are limited,we might not be able to receive the luggage.
  • We cannot accept valuables or products that need to be refrigerated.
  • There is no hotel porter to carry your luggage from the front desk to your room.
  • For hotels outside Japan, contact the hotel directly beforehand.
Can I ship a package from the hotel?

Yes, the service is available at the front desk. We only ship to domestic addresses. We do not offer international shipping.

I plan to come back and stay at your hotel after a few days. Can I leave my luggage with you until my return?

Some of our hotels may be able to keep your luggage for a few days, so please check with the hotel beforehand.

Do you offer child rates?

We do not offer child rates.
However, if a child in elementary school or younger shares a bed with a parent, the accommodation fee for the child is free. (Up to one child per bed)
Children with beds of their own or children in the middle school ages will be charged for an accommodation rate equal to adults.
Sharing a bed with your child

Can children stay alone?

If you stayed only a minor, we may be confirmation to the parents.

Do you offer free breakfast?

With the exception of certain hotels outside of Japan, all Toyoko Inn hotels offer a free breakfast service. Free breakfast is only available to those staying at our hotel. Click here for more details on free breakfast.

  • Service hours may vary by the hotel. Please check the official page of each hotel for more information.
Where is breakfast offered? Can I take the buffet food to my room?

The breakfast venue is the hotel lobby, but you are also allowed to bring it to your room (excluding some hotels).
In consideration of SDGs, we kindly ask for your cooperation in bringing only the amount you will consume.

Can I stay in the room during the day if I stay for multiple nights?

You can stay in your room 10:00-15:00 during the multiple-night stays except for your check-in and check-out dates. However, we may ask you to leave the room temporarily for room cleaning.

Is my room cleaned every day during my multiple-night stay?

Unless you have an ECO Plan, your room is cleaned every day. If you stay in your room during the day, we may ask you to temporarily leave the room for cleaning.

What should I do if I am arriving late at night or later than the planned arrival time?

Please make sure to contact the hotel beforehand if you are checking in later than the planned arrival time.
Toyoko Inn will cancel your reservation if you do not contact by the planned arrival time.

Should I leave the key at the front desk when I go out?

If it is a cylinder key, please make sure to leave it at the front desk. If it is a card key, please keep it with you. Please note that if you lose the cylinder key, you may be required to pay damages as a key exchange fee.

Can I smoke inside the guest room? Are e-cigarettes and heat-not-burn cigarettes allowed?

Smoking is only allowed in guest rooms with a smoking sign beside its room description and inside guest rooms with a “smoking” mark.
Smoking is prohibited in all other area however, we do have smoking areas in some hotels.

E-cigarettes and heat-not-burn cigarettes are only permitted inside rooms where smoking allowed.

Can I meet a visitor in my room?

Visitors are not allowed to enter the room. Please meet the visitor in the lobby.

Can I stay with a pet?

Pets are not allowed at Toyoko Inn.

Can I stay with my assistance dog (guide dog, hearing dog, service dog, etc.)?

Yes, you can.