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This features frequently asked questions from our guests.
Please read through this section before contacting us.

How do I become a member?

How to become a member

You can apply for a membership at any Toyoko Inn front desk. Please apply during your stay or at a hotel near you.Anybody in the middle school ages (12 y/o by April 1st) or older can become a member.
For a membership application, you need an official documentation, such as a driver’s license, that can prove your age (A photocopy is not accepted.) and membership (or renewal) fee.

If you fill the online form before coming to the hotel, the card can be issued in less time.

  • Students are required to present a student card (not copyable).
How much are the registration and annual membership fees?

You need to pay a registration fee. There is no annual membership fee.
General...¥1,500 (Korea: W15,000 Philippines: ₱500 Mongolia: ₮25,000)
Student…¥1,000 (Korea: W10,000 Philippines: ₱300 Mongolia: ₮17,000)

  • A general customer must present an official ID document.
  • A student must present a student ID. (A photocopy is not accepted.)
  • Those who are 60 y/o or older will get one point as a new membership gift. Bring an official documentation such as a driver's license. (A photocopy is not accepted.)
How soon can I use the card?

If you apply for Toyoko Inn Club International Card at check-in, you can stay at a member rate and earn points starting that day. We will hand you the card by the time you check out.

How do I change the registered information (such as address and phone number)?

If you have an account on the official website, after logging in, please go to My Page and change the information from "Confirmation/Change of Toyoko Inn official website account registration information". If you check "Save as Toyoko Inn Club Card member information" and update, your member information will be changed.

  • If you update without checking, the address of the member information will not be changed and will only be registered in My Page

If you do not have an official website account, please contact the "Toyoko Inn Club Card Secretariat" TEL: 03-3731-4545 (weekdays 10:00-16:00) Please give me a call.

  • The number of wrong calls is increasing. Please be careful not to dial the wrong number.

When does a card expire?

There is no expiration date.

How do I check my points?
Checking online:
If you have a Toyoko Inn Official Web account, your current point is displayed on the top page after a login. (You have to create an account and register your information to use this function.) On smartphones, you can check from "Menu" → "My Page".
Checking at the hotel:
Please ask the front desk when you visit the hotel.
Checking by phone:
Please call Toyoko Inn Club Card Office (TEL: 03-3731-4545, 10:00-16:00 M-F) We first verify your identity to protect privacy information. Thank you for your understanding.
  • The number of guests calling a wrong number has been increasing recently. Please check the number before calling. Thank you.

I didn't get points for my stay?

You do not earn points for the following.

  • If you fail to bring the card
  • If you use a free stay coupon
  • If you make a reservation through a travel agency or a website other than Toyoko Inn Official Web
  • If two members stay in a twin or double room, only one of member earns points. The other member will not earn points.

Earned points are not processed until the day after the stay. Therefore, you cannot see the changes until then.
More details on point display system are here.

How do I use my points?

Once you have earned enough points, please come to the front desk. A free stay coupon for a single room is issued on the spot.

Toyoko Inn Club Card International: 10 points

  • To have a free stay coupon issued, the member has to come to the front desk in person with the card. We cannot issue a coupon unless you bring the card.
  • Because points are not processed until the day after, you will not get 10 points until the day after the 10th stay
How do I use a free stay coupon?

The coupon can be used as soon as it is issued. Please speak to the front desk clerk when you visit the hotel. Members are not required to turn their points into coupons and can instead continue to build their points.
If you have a free night coupon, please show it at check-in.
We ask each guest to sign.
A free night coupon is a free single one-night stay coupon. It offers a free one-night accommodation to one guest in a single room.
However, if you have already payed your room rate using Online Credit Card Payment, you can’t use it.

Can I use a free stay coupon for other room types or plans?

If you want to use a coupon for a larger room or upgrade your stay with options such as VOD and Business Package, please pay the extra fees in cash, credit card, cash coupons (limited to those which follow the Toyoko Inn cash coupon campaign rules), or Toyoko Inn gift certificates.

The difference will be paid back from a room rate (fixed rate) before membership discount.

I lost my free coupon. Could it be reissued?
No it cannot.
What is the expiration date of the coupon?

There is no expiration date.

Can someone else use my free stay coupons or Toyoko Inn gift certificates?

Yes. Free stay coupons and Toyoko Inn gift certificates can be used by a third party.

We prohibit reselling of tickets to third parties for any commercial use. We are not responsible for any troubles caused by repurchased free tickets and gift coupons.

I want to cancel my VISA card

You can complete the procedure by calling the Resona Card Information Desk (Tokyo: 03-5665-0771, Osaka: 06-6203-9345, weekdays 9:00-17:00).

I want to switch to a Toyoko Inn Club International Card (customers who have a VISA card)

Accommodation points accumulated on your current card will be transferred after "switching cards" when you visit Toyoko Inn.
In addition, please bring your Toyoko Inn Club VISA Card and Toyoko Inn Club Ladies VISA Card when you apply. Regarding the procedure, please visit the nearby Toyoko Inn Hotel.

How do I cancel my card?

Please call below.
“Toyoko Inn Club Card Office” TEL: 03-3731-4545 (Weekdays 10:00-16:00)
There will be no refund of registration fees.
The number of guests calling a wrong number has been increasing recently. Please check the number before calling. Thank you.

After the cancellation of a contract, we will remove all your registered information at Toyoko Inn.

What should I do when I lose a card?

The card can be reissued at the front desk. The members are required to show an official identification and pay a reissue fee. The points that were earned on a lost card can be recovered on a new card.
Reissuance fee:  ¥500 (Korea: ₩5,000 Cambodia: US$5 Europe: €5 Philippines: ₱100)
The old card is void and cannot be used once a new card has been issued. Please dispose of the void card. Thank you for your cooperation.

What if I forget to bring Toyoko Inn Club Card for my stay?

Guests are required to show their Toyoko Inn Club Card at check-in. Membership benefits (points and discounts) are not available to guests without a valid membership card.
Copies or a photo of the card will not be accepted. Guests are required to show the card itself.

I am arriving earlier than I planned, so I want to check in early.

Please visit the official website and change your expected arrival time, or call the hotel beforehand.