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This features frequently asked questions from our guests.
Please read through this section before contacting us.

What is Account Registration?

Account Registration is to register your information.
To make reservations from Toyoko Inn Official Website, you need to register your information on the website, only for the first reservation. Even if you have a Toyoko Inn Club Card, you need to register for an account before your first reservation on Toyoko Inn Official Website.

Is the Account Registration free?

Yes, Account Registration for making a reservation on Toyoko Inn Official Website is free.

Can I register for an account even if I don’t have an email address?

To log in to Toyoko Inn Official Website, you need an email address to receive an activation email.
You can use a cell phone email address or free email address for account registration. You need an email address to use services on Toyoko Inn Official Website. If you do not have an email address, please call the hotel to make a reservation.

Can I use a cell phone email address or free email address for account registration?

Yes, you can use any email address for registration. However, please make sure to use an address at which you can receive an email.

Can I create multiple accounts for family members and coworkers with one email address?

Because the email address becomes your ID, you cannot use one email address for multiple accounts. Please use a different email address for each account.

I cannot log in.

Even if you already own a Toyoko Inn Club Card, you have to create a "New Account" in order to book your room from our website. If it's your first time logging since February 18, 2016 we ask you to create a "New Account " again.
Create your "New Account" from here.

If you have registered for an account and still cannot log in, there are following possibilities.

When an error notification displays, "Login unsuccessful.":

Invalid Email Address:
  • Please try again with other email addresses.
    There have been cases where a customer tries unsuccessfully to log in with an email address, while the registered email is a cell phone email address. Please try all the possible email addresses
  • Therefore, if you have updated your email address recently, please also try your previous email address.
    Your email may not have been updated in our system.

If you've forgotten your address, please try using "Search Your Account".

Invalid Password
  • Are the letters capitalized correctly? Passwords are case sensitive.

If you've forgotten your password, please try using "Search Your Account".

Other possible causes:

You are accessing from an unsupported device.

Our recommended environment is as follows:

Computers: Internet Explorer 11 or later
Smartphone: Android OS 4.1 or later, iOS 9 or later
On either OS, you need to access through a browser application. (Google Chrome, Safari, etc.)
Feature phone: SSL (SHA-2) compatible devices only


If you still cannot log in after checking the possibilities above, there may be an issue with the setting of your Internet browser.

  • If the browser has saved the email address and password from a previous login, try logging in after deleting them.
  • Cookies must be enabled on the browser to use this website. You may not be able to log in if cookies are disabled, so please check if cookies are enabled in your browser setting.
  • Because damaged or over-sized cache data may cause an issue when accessing our website, please try clearing your cache.
  • If the page has not been fully loaded, links and buttons may not react correctly. Please try reloading the page or relaunching the browser.
I forgot my password.

You can reset your password from "Search Your Account". An email for your new password will be sent with [] domain.

I forgot my email address.

Please proceed to "Search Your Account".

What if I get a new email address?

If you get a new email address, we ask you to change the login address registered in Toyoko Inn official website. If you know the password, please log in and "Change email address" from "Change Your Personal Information". You can also search for your old email address too.
If you've forgotten your old email address as well as your password and cannot log in, we ask you to delete your account. Please proceed to delete your account."

I want to change my account information.

You can make changes from "Change Your Personal Information". (You need to be logged in).

I haven’t received an email for resetting the password

If you have not received an email, please check for the following possibilities.

  1. Your registered email is incorrect.
    Please verify your registered email by following the link “Verifying and Editing Account Information” and enter the correct email address.
  2. The email has been filtered into a “spam” or “trash” folder.
    Check the setting of your email software and make sure you can receive an email from [].
  3. Your mailbox or mail server is full.
    After checking your email settings, increase the capacity of the mailbox or erase unnecessary data.After checking your email settings, increase the capacity of the mailbox or erase unnecessary data.
  4. Emails from [] has been blocked.
    If your emails have been filtered by domains, check your setting and adjust it so that emails from [] are not blocked.

[If you are accessing from a cellphone]
Even if you have not made any arrangement to filter emails by domain, your cellphone may have been set to block any emails from a non-cellphone email address. Check your settings and add [] to the list of domains you can received emails from.

If your registered email address has been outdated or is no longer in use, we ask you to delete your account. Please proceed to delete your account.