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39, Seojeon-ro, Busanjin-gu, Busan 47247 South Korea


Message from manager

★Announcement of price changes★
Room rates will be changed from October 1st.
Please check the hotel news section for details.

★[Connecting Mini Double Room]★
Single bed + double bed = Available for 3 people! 2 bathrooms/toilet!
Experience cozy rooms for up to three people!

★Non-smoking rooms only★
All rooms are non-smoking room. Guests who want to smoke, please use designated smoking area on the first floor.

★Welcome discount event★
If you sign up for a membership on the day you ch,
you will get a 10% discount!

★Student discount event★

On April 1st, we start 'student discount event.
If you have a student ID, we'll give you a 10% discount!
Please check the hotel news section for details.

★Midnight Time Service★
It is a service that can be used by customers without reservations in the remaining rooms from 11 pm!
Please contact us before you come, as the remaining rooms are different every day.

★[[Deluxe Double/Executive double]★
A combination of a bedroom and a living room! Please use a special room.

Planning a business trip or living for a month in another city? Take advantage of this special offer.
For more information, please feel free to contact us.

★Connecting Room-Toyoko-inn Seomyeon ONLY!★
‘Connecting Room’ has two separate rooms connected with inside door. When you travel with our family and friends, you can use two rooms as one space. If you are looking for a multiple room for a reasonable price, our ‘connecting room’ can be a perfect choice!

If you have any inquiry, please feel free to contact us.

Thank you.


Availability Calendar

Room type Type 10/4
Club Card Member
× ×
General customers × × ×
Club Card Member
× ×
General customers × ×
Club Card Member
× ×
General customers × ×

Toyoko Inn Club Card Member can reserve room at the special price.
Please consider this opportunity.

Hotel Information

Address 39, Seojeon-ro, Busanjin-gu, Busan 47247 South Korea
Check-in Time:15:00(Member) , 16:00(General)
Check-out Time:10:00
Free Breakfast FREE
Tel/Fax TEL:+82-(0)51-638-1045
Payment Methods
(On-site payment)
Credit Cards
(Online credit card payment)



46spots available First-come-first-served basis
Hotel guests free of charge
Parking lot:46cars Car length5.05m Car width2.05m Vehicle heigh1.55m Car weight1.85t

★ 46 units (2 for handicap and 3 for compact car)

★ If it is full, we can introduce the nearby pay parking lot.

★ Parking lot is not available for buses or large vans.


Access from the station (train)
10 min walk from Seomyeon Station No.10 Exit on Subway Line No.1 No.2
Access from the airport
30 min by car from Gimhae International Airport
10 minutes by subway from KTX Busan Station
25-30 minutes by taxi from Gimhae Airport
30-50 minutes by Gimhae Airport limousine bus (depending on congestion)

Go straight from Exit 8 of Seomyeon Subway Station.
Or 7-10 minutes walk from Exit 10 (with escalator).
(*If you need an elevator, please go to Exit 12 of Seomyeon Station on Line 1).

Information from the hotel

If you join the membership, you will get a 10% discount on your room charge for a night!!

* Membership benefits *
1-night free voucher for every 10 nights!!!
5% discount and easy check-in!
Early check-in (15:00~)
(Until 23.03.31)

The room rate has been changed to October 1st, 2023.

A room type available for 3 people will be newly established in March.
It's a type that connects single and mini double rooms.
Meet the new room type with 1 single bed, 1 double bed and 2 bathrooms.

Period: 04/01/23 - 03/31/24
Target: From middle school students to university students
Discount condition: 10% discount with a valid student ID!
*Website discount and membership discount can also be applied together!

  • ★ Razor, Toothbrush set is sold for a fee ★

Along with the global environmental protection movement, the use of plastic is becoming a problem.

Since January 01, 2022, the free provision of razors and disposable toothbrushes will be suspended under the Environmental Protection Act.

Please bring your own toiletries.

Thank you for your understanding

* Razor & Toothbrush sets can be purchased at the front desk. Please contact the front desk.

● Weekly Plan

If you stay for more than 7 days,
★★★★★ You can get a 20%!!★★★★★

◁ 49,600 won for single room (breakfast included)
Please take the chance to stay in the center of Busan at the reasonable price

If you have any question, please contact us!
Thank you.

● Deluxe double room
We newly opened special double room which has a mini-double bed room and a living room with sofa and table. You can use it as an event room on your special day with your family and friends.

Midnight discounts will be applied from 11 p.m.
(Applied 23.10.01~)

Single 50,000 won
Mini-double 55,000 won
Double 60,000 won
Twin 60,000 won

● Deluxe double room
We newly opened deluxe double room which has a double bed room and a living room with sofa and table. You can use it as an event room on your special day with your family and friends.

CONNECTING ROOM is a room type in which two rooms are connected as one, available for up to 4 people at a reasonable price.

CSK (Connecting Single) = Single+Single
CWK (Connecting Double) = Double+Twin
CTK (Connecting Twin) = Twin + Twin

●Monthly Plan (long stay)

Let's live in Busan for a month!
for customers who are looking for a place for long stay,
We are offering you various type of long stay rooms with reasonable price!
( breakfast included)
How about Having a great time in the center of Busan?

For more information, please contact us.
Thank you.