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Booking still available!Midnight time service

Midnight Time Service Maximum of 54% discount through booking from 22pm to 5am!

Enjoy up to 43% off with our special-priced rooms, ideal for last-minute, short stays.
These discounts on unoccupied rooms are exclusively available through our official website.


11PM to 5AM the following day.

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  • Payment method is "Online card settlement (settlement at the time of reservation)" only. Please look the FAQ about the online card payment.
  • Can not change or cancel reservation.
  • Reservation with this plan will be only one night stay on the day. Reservation can not be made after consecutive night and the following day.
  • The room types available for this plan may vary by hotel.
  • Some hotels do not offer this plan.
  • Available only when there is vacancy.
  • Can not be combined with other discounts (coupons, campaign, plans).
  • For hotels in Korea, the service starts from 11pm until all the rooms are full however, we only accept guests who come to the hotel directly. We don’t accept any reservation from websites and phones.

Unable to reserve your room. Booking starts from 23pm. Unitl then, please proceed with our oridnary booking.