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JR Hakata Station ⇔ Toyoko Inn Hakata-eki Minami
Free Shuttle Bus Service

Toyoko Inn Hakata-eki Minami
2-10-23, Hakataeki-minami Hakata-ku Fukuoka-city, Fukuoka

The bus stop at JR Hakata Station

Hakata Station Map

The bus will be waiting under the Hotel Clio Court Hakata right outside of Chikushi Exit.

Route to the bus stop

1. Take the JR Hakata Chikushi Gate (East) exit

2. After exiting the station building, turn right and enter in to a one-way road.
The bus will be waiting on the left side of the street, in front of the Pachinko Plaza (opposite of the police station).

Free Shuttle Bus Service Time Information

Night Departure. :
JR Hakata Chikushi Exit ⇒ Hotel

【Weekdays】16:00 ~ 23:45
【Sat,, Public Holidays】15:00 ~ 23:45

You can meet with your friends at Hakata Station and have dinner after you Check In! Please use the Free Shuttle Bus to go back.

Morning Departure. :
Hotel ⇒ JR Hakata Sta.

7:00 ~ 10:30 (Every 15 minutes)

Morning Departure. :
Hotel ⇒ Fukuoka Airport

6:00, 6:30, 7:00, 7:30(4 lines *Reservation Required)

We provide moring transportation service to Fukuoka Airport. Only Toyoko Inn Hakata-eki Minami takes you directly to international terminal with one ride!

  • Travel time may take about 15 ~ 20 minutes between hotel to Hakata Station.
  • Bus may take 20 minutes to depart.
  • Traffic conditions may affect its travel and waiting time, please confirm the hotel regarding conditon of the bus ride.
  • You may be refused to enter the bus if a bus reaches its maximum capacity.
  • Bus schedule is subject to change without prior notice.