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Room features

We provide you with information on the facilites of our rooms.


  • Single rooms have a double bed (1,500 mm x 2,030 mm) although bed sizes may change depending on the hotel. Please ask the front desk clerk for extra blankets if needed.
  • There is a space under the bed for large suitcases to maximize the room space. (This may not be available depending on the hotel.)

LAN Cable and Wi-Fi Connections

  • Guests can simultaneously connect multiple devices to the Internet using Wi-Fi or LAN cable—Wi-Fi for smart phones and tablets and LAN cable for laptops to secure a stable connection. Please choose the suitable connection depending on the device. LAN cable and Wi-Fi are both free of charge.
  • All guest rooms are equipped with a LAN cable. (In some hotels guests are required to rent the LAN cable at the front desk.)
  • The front desk may not be able to solve technical issues that are not listed in their manual regarding application and settings on your laptops and devices. Please be aware that guests are responsible for the security of their devices.

Doors and Room Keys

  • To open the guest room door, please insert the cylinder key, turn it about 90 degrees, and pull (or push) the door to enter. For hotels that use card keys, please hold the key above the door knob to unlock the door.
  • Guest rooms doors will lock automatically. Please make sure to bring the key (or card) when leaving the room. Guests will not be able to get into the room if they leave the room without their key. Guest room doors may not lock automatically in some hotels. In such cases, please make sure that the door is locked when leaving the room.

Room Key Slot

  • There is a key slot near the door when you enter the guest room.
    Please insert the key holder and card key, respectively, into the slot to turn on the electricity in the room.
    For card keys, please insert the card into the port to turn the room lights on.

Writing Desks

  • A phone, kettle on an electric stove or electric kettle, hair dryer, and light switches are all located around the writing desk for your convenience. Guests can rent desk lamps at the front desk if needed.

Standard Lamp (Reading Lights)

  • A standard lamp is located near the bed.
    Its brightness can be adjusted, making it perfect for reading or work.


  • The refrigerator is empty for the guests to keep their drinks and foods purchased at vending machines in the lobby or convenience stores nearby.
    Any drinks and foods left in the refrigerator after check out will be disposed of.

Safety Box

  • The safety box is located under the desk(may not be installed in some hotels), and the instructions are in the information packet on the desk. It requires a number code to unlock. Please do not forget the code you have set.

Telephone and Morning Call

  • After dialling 0, the phone can be used for both domestic and international calls.
    Please refer to the plate near the telephone for further instructions.
    Toyoko Inn does not charge additional fees other than the bills sent from the phone companies. You are required to pay the telephone charges at check-out.
  • Guests will not be able to use the phone to make outside calls from early mornings on the check-out date. Please dial 9 to call the front desk if you would like to make outside calls. We apologize for the inconvenience.
  • Guests are required to set their own morning calls.
    Please refer to the plate near the telephone for instructions.

Kettle on an Electric Stove / Electric Kettle

  • Please feel free to use the kettle on an electric stove or electric kettle.
    The power will automatically turn off when the water boils. For your safety, please do not pour the water above the line on the container to prevent the water from boiling over.
    Please note that once the water boils, the safety device engages and the electric heater will stay turned off for a while. (There are electric stoves with built-in humidifiers or electric kettles depending on the hotel.)
  • Please feel free to drink the ume konbu (plum and kelp) tea and green tea.

Bath and Toilet

  • The room features a unit bath (a factory-produced bathroom module made of a single material) that has a deep and spacious bathtub tailored to the Japanese taste. Please adjust the amount of hot and cold water to get the right temperature. Hot water may be at an extremely high temperature. Please be careful when adjusting the hot water.
  • Body soaps, shampoos, and rinses are in refillable dispensers to be ecological. They are located near the shower.
  • Please make sure to close the bathroom door when taking showers (or running yourself a bath) to prevent the steam from triggering a fire alarm.
  • The toilet has a bidet (washlet).

Toiletries and Nightgowns

  • Face towels, bath towels, and toothbrush sets are in the bathroom.
  • Nightgowns are available in the lobby. (Toyoko Inn Kamata No.1 has nightgowns in the guest rooms.) Guests who require larger nightgowns are kindly asked to contact the front desk, as they are provided in limited numbers only.
  • Bar soaps, shower caps, razors, and combs are available at the front desk. Please pick them up when you check in.


  • All rooms are equipped with a humidifier. You are able to adjust the settings very precisely, so please feel free to use it during the dry winter season, according to your preference.

Hangers, Slippers, Shoe Shine Papers

  • Hangers, slippers, shoehorn, and shoe shine papers are available. (There is a closet in the room depending on the hotel.)
  • Slippers are changed and washed every day. (Some hotels provide disposable paper slippers instead)

Trouser Press

  • There is a trouser press on each floor. Please use it freely. (For some hotels, please ask the reception desk or either they are in your room).

Air conditioner

  • Each room has an air conditioner. Please set the temperature to your preference. (Some hotels use a central air-conditioning sytem, where each room has a dial to adjust the air flow.)


  • Some hotels have a radiator underneath the writing desk or in the corner of the room.
    Warm water circulates the radiator tubes to keep the rooms warm during winter.

Hair Dryer

  • Hair dryers are located on the wall near the writing desk mirror.
  • Some items are not available at hotels outside of Japan.