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Guest Room Features


  • Bed Sizes: Sizes vary by room type. Most single rooms feature double-sized beds (Width: 140-150cm, Length: 203cm).
  • Extra Blankets: Available upon request at reception (subject to availability).
  • Luggage Storage: Utilize the space under the bed for large luggage to maximize room space (size varies by hotel).

Wi-Fi and Wired Internet

  • Free Wi-Fi & Wired Internet: Complimentary in all rooms. Wired connections may require a cable from reception in some hotels.
  • Multiple Device Connectivity: Guests can connect multiple devices to the Internet simultaneously using Wi-Fi for smartphones and tablets, and Wired Internet (LAN cable) for laptops, ensuring a stable connection. Please select the connection type that best suits your device.)
  • Technical Support: Reception may have limited ability to resolve technical issues not covered in their manual, particularly with specific applications and settings on your devices.
  • Device Security: Guests are responsible for the security of their own devices.

Doors and Room Keys

  • To open the guest room door, please insert the cylinder key, turn it about 90 degrees, and pull (or push) the door to enter. For hotels that use card keys, please hold the key above the door knob to unlock the door.
  • Guest rooms doors will lock automatically. Please make sure to bring the key (or card) when leaving the room. Guests will not be able to get into the room if they leave the room without their key. Guest room doors may not lock automatically in some hotels. In such cases, please make sure that the door is locked when leaving the room.

Power Control Switch

  • There is a key slot near the door when you enter the guest room.
    Please insert the key holder and card key, respectively, into the slot to turn on the electricity in the room.
    For card keys, please insert the card into the port to turn the room lights on.


  • Around the Desk: Equipped with a phone, kettle, hair dryer, refrigerator, pen, notepad, magnifying mirror, tissues, and TV remote for your convenience.
  • Desk Lamp: Available upon request at reception (subject to availability).

Room Lighting

  • Bedside Lamp: Conveniently placed next to your bed, perfect for reading.
  • Ceiling Light: Controlled by a remote, with adjustable brightness and color (features vary by hotel).
  • Bathroom Light: Operated with a switch located outside the bathroom door.


  • The refrigerator is provided empty.


  • In-Room Safe: Positioned under the desk (availability varies by hotel).
  • Using the Safe: See 'Facilities & Services' on your TV for instructions.

Phone and Wake-up Call

  • In-Room Phone: Dial reception or other guest rooms directly. International and domestic calls are be available for an additional fee at checkout (service varies by hotel).
  • Wake-Up Call Service: See 'Facilities & Services' on your TV for wake-up alarm instructions.


  • Feel free to boil water. Please refrain from using it for any other purpose.


  • Bathroom Unit: Features a bathtub, sink, and toilet in one space. Note that some rooms are equipped with a shower only.
  • Bathtub: Enjoy our deep bathtubs for a relaxing soak.
  • Temperature Caution: Be cautious when adjusting water temperatures, as they can change based on usage.
  • Steam Notice: Steam may trigger the fire alarm. Please ensure the bathroom door is closed.


  • Feel free to use, especially during the dry winter season.

Hangers, Slippers, Shoe Shine Papers

  • Slippers, Shoeshine Paper, Shoehorn: Located beside your desk or in the closet, varying by hotel.
  • Slippers: Cleaned after each check-out. Disposable slippers are available for purchase at reception.

Trouser Press

  • There is a trouser press on each floor. Please use it freely. (For some hotels, please ask the reception desk or either they are in your room).

Air Conditioner

  • Provided in every room. Adjust the temperature to suit your comfort.


  • Available in some hotels for use during the winter season.

Hair Dryer

  • Positioned on the wall near the desk. Placement may vary in some rooms.
  • Some items are not available at hotels outside of Japan.