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Corporate customers

Toyoko Inn Club Corporate Business Membership Benefits

Toyoko Inn Club Corporate Business Membership is a reservation service dedicated to corporate companies provided by Toyoko Inn and can be used free of admission and annual membership fee.

Business Membership Benefits

  • Manage everything on one page
  • 5% discount on accommodation rates *1
  • Reservations available from six months in advance
  • Check-in at 15:00
  • Make and change reservation from mobile phones
  • Earn Club Card Points

*1 Discount rate is different in Toyoko Inn Marseille Saint Charles.

Registration Benefits

  • Faster
  • Paperless
  • Data management
  • Efficient accommodation arrangement

Reduce cost for clerical work involving business trips.

Check room vacancy, reservation, and booking history all in one!

  • Check room vacancy
Room availability up to next six months can be viewed.
Availabilities are displayed for each day in a calendar format.
  • Reserve up to nine rooms at once
Simplify accommodation arrangement for travels of multiple persons.
  • View reservations
Reservations are displayed in a list, and cancellations can be made easily.
  • View booking history
Booking history is available to help with clerical work.

Easy reservation

1.After logging in with the registered ID and password, click “New Reservation”.

2.Search hotels filtered by area, room availability, and check-in date and go to the reservation form after checking the availability of your room choice.

3.Insert required fields and click “Reserve”.

4.Reservation is complete.

Available for access from mobile phones!

Toyoko Inn Corporate page can be accessed from mobile phones. Reservations can be easily made from mobile phones even when you are outside without access to computers. (Reservations can be viewed and canceled.)

Corporate Lump-Sum Payment System
This is a service exclusive to corporations with an annual stay of over 1,000 stays.

  • This is a service where Toyoko Inn accommodation fees can be paid for in a lump sum.
  • A monthly bill (first to last day of the month) will be sent to partner corporations.
  • This service is strictly exclusive to accommodation fees. (Parking fees and phone bills are not included. Any fees other than accommodation fees must be paid at the front desk before check-out.)
  • This service is provided upon a signing of a separate contract between your corporation and Toyoko Inn.
  • Toyoko Inn may not be able to fulfill all your requests due to our corporate policy conditions.


For more information on Toyoko Inn Club Corporate, please contact the manager at the nearest hotel.