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About Toyoko Inn Club

Toyoko inn Club card to earn CARD 9 benefits with this one!

Toyoko inn club was born based on the idea of "a hotel that can be stayed at 40 to 50 dollars" which is supported by many people in the United States. Toyoko inn 's card membership system full of benefits aiming at a hotel that is comfortable and familiar, offering convenient services at reasonable prices to our customers.

Toyoko inn club card international

Toyoko INN Club Card International is a house card of Toyoko INN without credit function. Cards that all over the world can join, if you join at check in, card issuance is completed before checkout. You can take it soon. Points can also be accumulated, and the point that is accumulated is popular in the convenience that you can exchange for free tickets at the hotel whenever you like. In addition, "International discount" only applies on the day of admission, "Everyday 5% OFF" can be applied from the day you become a member.

Toyoko inn Club card 8 benefits

1.Single free free gift as gift

  • Only one single room per person per person is valid.
  • In the following cases, the difference will be accepted by cash, credit card, cash voucher (limited to cash vouchers conforming to Toyoko INN gift certificate campaign) and Toyoko INN gift certificate from each hotel's normal rate.
    ・When using Twin, Double, Deluxe
    ・In case of using option (VOD, accommodation with rental computer etc.)

Daily discount! Everyday 5% OFF

  • From April 2020, the discount will be 5% every day. Please click here for more information.
  • Starting right on the day of registration, Toyoko Inn Club Card International members can receive discounts on their accommodation rates by presenting their membership card.
  • The member's discounts can be combined with our ECO Plan and various vouchers.
  • Special campaign discounts and free stay coupons other than listed above cannot be combined with the member's card discounts.
  • Some guest room types and hotels might be excluded from this.
  • Discount rate is different in Toyoko Inn Marseille Saint Charles.
3.Easy check-in by membership card presentation

A smooth and easy check-in by just signing the accommodation card.

4.Reservation possible up to 6 months in advance

Unlike the 3 months applying to regular customers, Toyoko Inn Club Card members can make a reservation 6 months prior to their stay! Thus you can secure your preferred room in preparation of busy time periods.

5.Check in is possible from 15:00

Check-in for Toyoko Inn Club Card members starts at 3 p.m. - one hour earlier than for regular guests!

  • The hotel that is introducing the card key is eligible.
  • Some cards and hotels are not available.

Free round on your 10th stay

  • Available everyday
  • We ask for you to pay a golf tax in addition (usual rate of ¥600)
  • Please contact New St. Andrews Golf Club Japan for more information.
7.Except for facilities other than Toyoko inn

We can receive various kinds of preferential treatment at facilities around the country other than Toyoko inn.


  • Guests are required to show their own card to receive benefits.
  • Guests with a membership will earn one point for one room when staying at our hotel. (Guests cannot earn points from multiple hotels on the same day.)
  • Membership discounts apply only to rooms where the members are staying.
  • If two members are sharing a twin or double room, only one member will earn the accommodation points.
  • Benefits will not be applied when using any website other than official website or a travel agent. Also cannot use single free stay coupon.
  • When using single free stay coupon, accommodation points nor will be credited.
  • This cannot be combined with campaigns and plans that involve discounts.
  • When creating the card, I will review the public certificate. Students are required to present a student card (not copyable). I will make a copy.
  • The International Card is available for middle school students or older. Registration fees are as follows.
    Korea: ₩15,000 (Students ₩10,000)  Cambodia: US$10 (Students US$8)  Europe: 15€ (Students 10€)  Philippines: ₱500 (Students ₱300)  Mongolia: ₮25,000 (Students ₮17,000)
  • These contents are subject to change without prior notifications.

Members discount / points can not be given unless you can present your card on the day of your stay. Please do not forget to bring it.

  • It is impossible to present photocopies of cards or cards photographed. Please be sure to present this card.