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Toyoko Inn business package

Do you prefer benefits over discounts? We have good news for business people!

Toyoko Inn offers the Toyoko Inn business package for business people! The Toyoko Inn business package supports business people on a fixed budget by offering a set plan combining accommodation fee and VJA Gift Card.

Toyoko Inn business package 100 is worth a ¥1,000 VJA Gift Card.
Toyoko Inn business package 200 is worth a ¥2,000 VJA Gift Card,
and Toyoko Inn business package 300 is worth a ¥3,000 VJA Gift Card as a set plan.

The VJA Gift Card can be used to pay for expenses such as transportation, telecommunication, and food on business trips.

The VJA Gift Card from your next stay onwards. If you use it for services other than the accommodation fee such as VOD, rental laptops, and parking fee, you can use it even on the day you receive it.

How to apply

  • When applying from the official website, please mark a check box for business package as an additional option in the reservation form.
  • Please ask the front desk clerk at the hotel.

Please note

  • The benefit discounts for Toyoko Inn Club Card members are only applied on the accommodation rate.
  • This service is unavailable in our overseas hotels.