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Start your day right with Toyoko Inn's free breakfast!


Start your day with breakfast. Toyoko Inn provides a free breakfast with carefully selected healthy ingredients.

Happy aspects


Toyoko Inn offers a complimentary breakfast service at all hotels.

Locally sourced ingredients

Toyoko INN's breakfast incorporates plenty of local ingredients, such as fresh vegetables and local rice, unique to each area.

You can bring breakfast up to your room

Feel free to eat breakfast in your room.

Breakfast for your child

Children sharing a bed can also enjoy breakfast together. No additional charge is required.


Healthy soups that warm both body and soul are provided. The types available vary seasonally, and there are also collaboration menus produced with various companies.

・Tomato Soup
・Vegetable Soup
・Chinese-style Wonton Soup
・Corn Cream Soup
・Mushroom Soup, and more

We also offer limited edition curry soup in collaboration with Cocoichi!
Start your day feeling great with the spicy curry soup that tingles your taste buds!!

You can also take it to your room in a dedicated bowl.

Hotels Offering

  • Available at Toyoko Inn nationwide (excluding some stores)

Onigiri(Japanese rice balls)

The rice balls that make your morning pleasant have become even more delicious. Each one is carefully made, presenting Toyoko Inn's high-quality rice balls. Individual packaging is also available for your convenience.

・Onigiri (Japanese rice balls) ・Miso Soup ・Bread (Croissants, Brioches, etc.)
・Soup ・Vegetable Smoothie ・Various Drinks (Coffee, Orange Juice, etc.)

Hotels Offering

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