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JR Tokyo Station ⇔Toyoko Inn Nihombashi Area
Free Shuttle Bus Service

Shin-ohashi Mae
2-58-2, Nihombashi-hama-cho
Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Tokyo Nihombashi
Hamacho Meijiza Mae
1-1-4, Nihombashi-hama-cho Chuo-ku, Tokyo
14-16, Nihombashi-odenma-cho
Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Tokyo Nihombashi
Zeimusho Mae
11-5, Nihombashi-tomizawa-cho Chuo-ku, Tokyo

The bus stop at JR Tokyo Station

Tokyo Station Shuttle Bus Service

*The shuttle bus has been suspended since April 2020.

We provide Free Shuttle Bus Service from JR Tokyo Station to 4 hotels around Tokyo Nihonbashi Area ( Toyoko Inn Tokyo-eki Shin-Ohashi mae, Toyoko Inn Tokyo Nihon-bashi Hamacho Meijiza-mae, Toyoko Inn Tokyo Nihon-bashi, Toyoko Inn Tokyo Nihon-bashi Zeimusho-mae).
The bus will be waiting in front of "SMBC Nikko Securities building" across the street from Yaesu Central Exit or North Exit.

In the morning, two buses will be running in roatation.
Line 1 : Shin-Ohashi mae ⇒ Tokyo Nihon-bashi Hamacho Meijiza-mae ⇒ JR Toyko Station
Line 2 : Tokyo Nihonbashi ⇒ Tokyo Nihon-bashi Zeimusho-mae ⇒ JR Tokyo Station.
The buses will make its stop at police station near Yaesu Central Exit.

JR Tokyo Station ⇒ Hotel ⇒ JR Tokyo Station Free Shuttle Bus Service

Currently, the shuttle bus is operated by one. Operating hours are from 18:00 to 23:00, and bus are waiting in front of Tokyo Station. Depending on the passenger situation, the bus departs to each hotel. Please ask each hotel for detailed time.

  • Buses will be running on first-comes-first basis. Please use the next bus if a bus reaches its maximum capacity.
  • Depending on the traffic condition in the vicinity of the predetermined space, the parking position may change. In that case, driver will be waiting near predetermined space.
  • Please be notified that 11 o’clock pm buses departing from JR Tokyo Station will not return.

Free Shuttle Bus Service Timetable for Hotel ⇒ JR Tokyo Station

Line 1 :
Shin-Ohashi mae ⇒ Tokyo Nihon-bashi Hamacho Meijiza-mae ⇒ JR Toyko Station

  Tokyo-eki Shin-Ohashi mae Tokyo Nihon-bashi Hamacho Meijiza-mae
6 6:50 6:55
7 7:50 7:55
8 8:50 8:55
9 9:50 9:55

Line 2 :
Tokyo Nihon-bashi ⇒ Tokyo Nihon-bashi Zeimusho-mae ⇒ JR Tokyo Station

  Tokyo Nihon-bashi Tokyo Nihon-bashi Zeimusho-mae
7 7:20 7:25
8 8:20 8:25
9 9:20 9:25
10 10:20 10:25
  • Only last buses for each morning hours will make its stop at Nihon-bashi, Mitsukoshi Department Store and COREDO Muromachi.
  • Depending on a hotel, travel time may take up to about 30 minutes.
  • Traffic conditions may affect its travel and waiting time.
  • You may be refused enter the bus in case that the bus reached its maximum capacity.
  • Bus schedule is subject to change without prior notice.