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Terms of Use Agreement(Korea hotel)

  1. Please not to bring into the hotel anything that might cause annoyance to other guests.
    1. Pets, including birds and other animals, with the exception of guide dogs.
    2. Anything emitting an offensive odor.
    3. Anything in considerably large volume.
    4. Flammable objects, explosives or volatile oils.
    5. Illegal firearms, swords or drugs.
  2. Within the hotel, please do not gamble or act in any manner that destroys discipline or public order, or behave in ways or use language that annoys other guests.
  3. Please do not distribute advertisements or trade publications or sell goods within the hotel or on the premises without our permission.
  4. Please do not take photographs for commercial purpose or do anything that could cause annoyance to other guests within the hotel or on the premises without our permission.
  5. Please do not use any facility or equipments in the hotel beyond its designated place or purpose.
  6. Please do not significantly alter or change the condition of any facility or equipment in the hotel through your use.

Terms and Conditions for Accommodation Contracts and Terms of Use Agreement are available in each room. Your understanding and cooperation in observing them will be appreciated.

To Avoid Nuisances

  • Please refrain from going out of your room in night wear or slippers.
  • Please refrain from smoking in bed as it may cause a fire.
  • When you use TV. Please pay attention to the volume so as not annoy other guests.
  • In case you lost the room key, you must compensate-key 100,000won, card-key 10,000won for damage and must give us your ID card copy.