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Rental computers

There is a rental laptop service for guests staying at Toyoko Inn. Every Toyoko Inn in Japan provides a broadband connection in the guest rooms so the guests can enjoy a fast and free Internet service.
With Toyoko INN in Japan, all rooms support with broadband, You can enjoy a comfortable internet connection free of connection.


Security perfection. Foreign language input support

  • Microsoft Security Essentials installed. Data deleting function is installed and security is perfect.
  • Original browser, compatible with foreign language input.
  • USB memory media can be used, so you can use it to modify and save existing files.

Private to business, usage is free

  • Internet, as well as CD / DVD playback OK.
  • King soft office installed and business document correspondence (document preparation / spreadsheet / presentation)
  • Guests can easily search nearby restaurants with the surrounding restaurant search system.
  • Multiple devices can be connected using both cable and wireless.
  • This service is only available in hotels in Japan. Our hotels overseas do not offer this option.
  • Since the number of laptop computers is limited, they may not be available for use. Thank you for your understanding.
  • Personal identification is required to rent laptops.
  • Please contact the front desk for further details.