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Port of Hitakatsu ⇔ Toyoko Inn Tsushima Hitakatsu Free Shuttle Bus Service

Toyoko Inn Tsushima Hitakatsu
1217-5 Nishidomari, Kamitsushima-machi, Tsushima City, Nagasaki
TEL: 0920-88-6045

The bus stop at Port of Hitakatsu

*Suspended for the time being by April 16

Free shuttle bus will be waiting at the parking lot in front of Hitakatsu port international terminal.

The bus stop at Port of Hitakatsu

Free Shuttle Bus Service Time Table

  From Hotel From Port of Hitakatsu
Night Departure : Port of Hitakatsu ⇔ Hotel
18 15 45 00 30
19 15 45 00 30
20 15   00  
21     00  
  • 20:15 bus will be stopping at Hitakatsu Port and to Oura grocery store.(Then the bus leaves Oura grocery store at 20:50.)
Morning Departure : Hotel ⇔ Port of Hitakatsu

Reservation Required. Please book your bus beforehand at the hotel.

  • Travel time may take about 7 minutes.
  • Traffic conditions may affect its travel and waiting time.
  • You may be refused to enter the bus if a bus reaches its maximum capacity.
  • Bus schedule is subject to change without prior notice.