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Online credit card payment「Express Check-in」

By making your payment in advance using online credit card payment, your check-in becomes much smooth.
When booking and staying at Toyoko INN, please use our Online credit card payment“Express Check-in”.

Benefit of Online credit card payment “Express Check-in”.

  • You no longer need to make your payment at a reception.Speedy check-in is now possible.(* 1)
  • You can use a self check-in machine to check in.(only fro hotels that are specified)
  • No matter how late you come in, you do not need to contact the hotel.
    We will keep your room until you arrive.(* 2)
  • Now with online receipt display service, you can print out your receipt directly from the official website.(* 3)


  • You may be asked to pay either local or city tax at a mandatory hotel.
  • Please inform us of any cancellation, if you are not going to be arriving.
    For room reservation of consecutive nights, if the first night gets cancelled without any contact, the rooms from the second night will all be cancelled.
  • Display service of your online receipt is a screen display of receipt data that is held electronically.
    In terms of proof of receipt contents, it is not different from the conventional receipt however, it is not an object of stamp taxation even if it is printed because it is part of an electronic document. Please make sure that you can check whether the form printed with the web display can be used for accounting and settlement before using.