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Special Campaign to Show Appreciation!    Campaign Details

[Limited-Time Offer] 10% off on weekdays and Sunday!
Combine with the membership discount and Official website exclusive, get a great discount deal.

Special Campaign to Show Appreciation!

【Period】 For stays untill March 31, 2020

* 10% discount on weekdays (Monday - Friday) and Sundays from regular rates

* Get a further ₩3,000 off if you book your reservation through Toyoko Inn Offical Website.

* Furthermore, if you are a member of Toyoko Inn Club Card:

5% on weekdays (Monday - Saturday), 20% discount on Sundays and on public holidays!

Depending on the date you choose to stay, you may be able to get more than 30% off(if you add up all your possible combinable discounts the above).

: Access information from Subway Bupyeong Station to Hotel

  1. Go out the ticket gate, pass “information” and turn left.
  2. Turn left here.
  3. Walk to the direction of “Post Office” and “Patrol Division”.
  4. Go straight.
  5. Follow the sign at “Patrol Division”, turn right.
  6. Walk for few minutes.
  7. Turn left at “Exit 5”.
  8. Walk to the end of the path.
  9. Go up the escalator at “Exit 5”.
  10. Go out the exit.
  11. You will see Toyoko Inn on the right.
  12. You’ve made it.