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Terms of Use Agreement(Germany hotel)

  1. Please do not to bring into the hotel anything that might bother other guests:
    1. Pets, including birds and other animals, with the exception of guide dogs
    2. Anything emitting an unpleasant oder
    3. Anything generating excessively loud noises
    4. Easily flammable materials, e.g. explosives or essential oils
    5. Illegal firearms, blade weapons or drugs
  2. Within the hotel, please refrain from gambling or acting in any manner that violates hotel rule or offends public order. Please be considerate of other guests by behaving with integrity and using appropriate language.
  3. Any guest who stays at our hotel for more than seven nights will be asked to move to another room periodically in order to maintain basic cleaning.
  4. Please do not take photographs for commercial purposes without our permission or in a way that could disturb other guests within the hotel or on the premises.
  5. Please do not use any facility or equipment in the hotel beyond its designated place or purpose.
  6. Please do not significantly alter or change the condition of any furniture, facility or equipment in the hotel.

We kindly ask our guests to read and observe the General Terms and Conditions for Accommodation Contracts and Terms of Use Agreement available in each room. Thank you for your understanding and kind cooperation.

To avoid inconveniences we kindly ask our guests to obey the following regulations:

  • Please refrain from leaving your room wearing inappropriate clothes (e.g. nightwear or slippers).
  • All rooms are non-smoking; therefore, we kindly ask you to refrain from smoking anywhere inside our hotel. Please use the designated smoking areas outside.
  • When using the TV, please adjust the volume in order to not disturb other guests.
  • In case of loss of the room key card, the guest must compensate for the damage. Please contact the front desk in order to receive a replacement key card after presenting your ID card/passport.