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Reservation for hotels near the sports competition venue from July 22nd to August 8th


Thank you for choosing Toyoko Inn.

Regarding reservations made during the sports competition scheduled to be postponed in the summer of 2021, the cancellation policy will be changed as follows at hotels in Tokyo and some hotels near the competition venue. Please check in advance.

Special Policy During the Period

Applicable Hotels

Saitama Shintoshin, Saitama Misato Ekimae, Tsukuba Express Misato Chuo-eki, Tsukuba Express Yashio-eki Kita-guchi, Soka-eki Nishi-guchi, Saitama Toda-koen-eki Nishi-guchi, Wako-shi Ekimae, Saitama Nishi-kawaguchi-eki Nishi-guchi, JR Kawaguchi-eki Nishi-guchi, Saitama Iwatsuki Ekimae, Chiba Ekimae, Narita Airport Honkan, Chiba-eki Higashi-guchi, Chiba-minato Ekimae, Tsudanuma-eki Kita-guchi, Narita Airport Shinkan, Urawa Misono-eki Higashi-guchi, Shiki-eki Higashi-guchi, Chiba Makuhari, Tsukuba Express Nagareyama-Otakanomori Ekimae, Tokyo Ikebukuro Kita-guchi No.1, Tokyo Ikebukuro Kita-guchi No.2, Tokyo Otsuka-eki Kita-guchi No.1, Tokyo Yamanote-sen Otsuka-eki Kita-guchi No.2, Tokyo Shinjuku Kabukicho, Tokyo Shinjuku-gyoemmae-eki 3-ban Deguchi, Tokyo Uguisudani Ekimae, Tokyo Korakuen Bunkyokuyakusho Mae, Tokyo Keihin Tohoku-sen Oji-eki Kita-guchi, Tokyo Akabane-eki Higashi-guchi Ichiban-gai, Tokyo Akabane-eki Higashi-guchi, Tokyo Ueno Tawaramachi-eki, Tokyo Asakusa Kuramae No.1, Tokyo Kanda Akihabara, Tokyo Akiba Asakusabashi-eki Higashi-guchi, Tokyo Asakusa Senzoku Tsukuba Express, Tokyo Asakusa Kuramae No.2, Tokyo Nihombashi Mitsukoshi Mae A4, Tokyo Nihombashi Zeimusho Mae, Tokyo Nihombashi Hamacho Meijiza Mae, Tokyo Nihombashi Ningyocho, Tokyo Nihombashi, Tokyo-eki Shin-ohashi Mae, Tokyo Otemachi A1, Tokyo-eki Yaesu Kita-guchi, Tokyo Tozai-sen Nishi-kasai, Tokyo Tameike-sanno-eki Kantei Minami, Tokyo Monzen-nakacho Eitaibashi, Tokyo Shinagawa-eki Takanawa-guchi, Tokyo Shinagawa Aomono-yokocho-eki, Tokyo Haneda Airport No.1, Tokyo Haneda Airport No.2, Tokyo Shinagawa Oimachi, Tokyo Kamata No.1, Tokyo Kamata Higashi-guchi, Tokyo Shinagawa Konan-guchi Tennozu Isle, Tokyo Shinagawa Hatanodai-eki Minami-guchi, Tokyo Omori, Musashi-nakahara Ekimae, Kawasaki Ekimae Shiyakusho-dori, Jr. Kawasaki Ekimae, Kawasaki Ekimae Isago, Yokohama Tsurumi-eki Higashi-guchi, Yokohama Shinkoyasu Ekimae, Yokohama Nishi-guchi, Yokohama Stadium Mae No.1, Yokohama Stadium Mae No.2, Yokohama Kannai, Yokohama Sakuragicho, Shin-yokohama Ekimae Honkan, Shin-yokohama Ekimae Shinkan, Jr. Yokohama Isezaki-Chojamachi, Tokyo Tachikawa-eki Kita-guchi, Tokyo Fuchu-Nambu-sen Minami-tama Ekimae, Tokyo Chofu Keio-sen Fuda-eki, Tokyo Fussa Ekimae Higashi-guchi, Tokyo Akigawa-eki Kita-guchi, Tokyo Hachioji-eki Kita-guchi, Yamato Ekimae, Machida-eki Odakyu-sen Higashi-guchi, Shonan Kamakura Fujisawa-eki Kita-guchi, Shonan Chigasaki-eki Kita-guchi, Shonan Hiratsuka-eki Kita-guchi No.1, Shonan Hiratsuka-eki Kita-guchi No.2, Odawara-eki Higashi-guchi, Atami Ekimae, Fujisan Mishima-eki, Fujisan Numazu-eki Kita-guchi No.1, Fujisan Numazu-eki Kita-guchi No.2,

Applicable Period

Accommodation from July 22nd (Thu) to August 8th (Sun), 2021

Cancellation Policy

For accommodations during the applicable period, the cancellation fee from 7 days before the check-in date to the day of check-in will be a charge of 100%.
Please note that refunds are not possible in any case from 7 days in advance.


For reservations during the applicable period, please make a reservation with a dedicated plan from the official website.
Payment, "online credit card payment" only.

Other Notes

  • Cannot be used in combination with various discounts. (Points for Toyoko Inn Club Card members will be added)
  • Free coupons, discount tickets, gift certificates, cash vouchers, etc. cannot be used.
  • For consecutive nights, room cleaning is done once every three days. (Towels etc. will be hung on the doorknob every day)
  • Normally, if you make a reservation by online credit card payment, we will refrain from calling to confirm your arrival schedule, but we may call you to confirm during the applicable period.
  • The contents may change without prior notice.

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