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Alteration to our Cancellation Policy


Thank you for choosing Toyoko Inn.

An alteration will be made to our cancellation policy including hotels in overseas.For reservation after Sunday April 1, 2018, please confirm that the following statement will be applied.

Date when Cancellation of Contract is notifiedNo ShowAccommodation Day1 Day Prior to Accommodation DayFrom 2 days to 6 days Prior to Accommodation Day7 days Prior to Accommodation Day
Contracted Number of Rooms
Individual1 to 9100%Up to 4 p.m. 0%,
Later than 4 p.m. 100%
Group10 and more100%100%50%30%10%
  1. The percentage signifies the rate of cancellation charge to the Basic Accommodation Charges.
  2. When the number of days contracted is shortened, cancellation charge for its first day shall be paid by the Guest regardless of the number of days shortened.
  3. When part of a group booking (for 10 rooms or more) is cancelled, the cancellation charge shall not be charged for the number of rooms equivalent to 10% of the number of rooms booked as of 7 days prior to the occupancy (When accepted less than 7 days prior to the occupancy. as of the date) with fractions as a whole number.
  4. As for the group specified in the preceding Paragraph 3, this shall not apply if a Memorandum on Group Reservation or similar agreement has been concluded separately.

For reservation before Saturday April 31, 2018, current cancellation policy will be applied.
For reservations made on websites run by other companies, the cancellation fee is determined by their policies.

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