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Toyoko INN Club card application (advance information registration)

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Please fill in all the required items below and click "Confirm your entries" button.

  • Please refrain from' Application No. 'displayed on the application completion screen.
  • Please prepare a public certificate and a registration fee of 1,500 yen (student's student card and 1,000 yen for student) when you visit us. ( entry fee at overseas hotel )
  • Please request card enrollment with' Application No. 'at the front desk of the hotel.
  • We will shoot the photo on the day after confirming the details you applied and issue your card.
  • Formal Toyoko INN Club Card members will be issued after issuing cards at the hotel.
  • The term of validity of this application is three months. Please note that "Application No." will be invalid after that.
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