Toyoko Inn Official Website Account Terms of Service

Toyoko Inn Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "our company") uses the system.'s terms of service (hereinafter referred to as "this agreement") to use the Internet reservation system (hereinafter "this system" I will decide the street.

When using this system, we assume that you agree to these terms.

Article 1
Scope of this agreement
This agreement applies to us and all users of this system (hereinafter referred to as "users").
Article 2
Service contents
This system accepts reservation reservation reservation to the accommodation facility operated by our company by way of our company through the Internet.
Article 3
Account registration
In using this system, users can register items specified by us. This registration is stipulated as "account registration".
Account registration fee, annual fee and usage fee are free.
All users shall comply with these terms of integrity faithfully.
Article 4
System use
This system covers accommodation reservation application, and for accommodation after reservation is established, guests must comply with the accommodation agreement specified by each accommodation facility, usage rules, etc.
The room charge provided by this system is limited to the use of this system. Therefore, it may differ from the service fee other than this system.
There is a limit to the accommodation service contents provided by this system, and the user can not request the service request and price reduction more than the limit.
The remaining room indication in this system is registered for each accommodation facility voluntarily. The remaining room status in this system may differ from the actual remaining room status.
Article 5
Establishment of accommodation reservation
The establishment of an accommodation reservation will be made when "Reservation Reservation Completed" is displayed on the browser and the corresponding reservation is displayed on the "Reservation Confirmation" screen.
Article 6
Change / cancel reservation of accommodation reservation
In case of changing / canceling the reservation of accommodation by this system, we will change / cancel in this system. However, please note that it may not be possible to reserve accommodation as it is already fully booked.
Please cancel your reservation if you can not change the reservation contents from this system, please reserve your room again.
If the change / cancellation in this system is outside the reception hours, otherwise If you can not use this system please be sure to contact the relevant accommodation directly.
The cancellation fee is based on the content of "penalty fee" stipulated in the accommodation agreement.
Article 7
The total fee for accommodation reservation established by this system will be displayed on the browser when the reservation of accommodation is established.
When paying guests check-in at the accommodation facility, pay the accommodation fee in the manner specified by the accommodation facility.
Article 8
End of use
Procedure is unnecessary at the end of use of this system.
If you wish to delete the registered data of the user, please delete "account" on your own system on this system.
Article 9
Prohibited matter
For the use of this system, the user's next act is prohibited.
Act of registering false contents at the time of account registration.
Act of making false or improper application at the time of reservation reservation application. Or act of not staying without permission without permission.
Act of registering an account and reserving accommodation in place of others without consent of the person himself / herself.
Act of infringing and damaging other users or third parties of their rights, or acts that fear thereof.
Unjustly interferes with the operation of this system, causing disadvantage or damage to our company, or acts that might be feared.
Act of obtaining profit by reselling reservation to a third party using this system. Or any act of reservation transfers done by third party for the benefit of another third party.
Acts that violate public order and morals and laws, or acts that fear them.
Others When we judge that our system is inappropriate for use of this system.
Article 10
Delete reservation of accommodation
Notwithstanding the provisions of Article 5, if we do not arrive even if the user has arrived at the scheduled arrival time and can not confirm the visit, or if we judge that the user violated Article 9 or this agreement, You may cancel your reservation without prior notice.
Article 11
Deactivate account registration
In the event that we judge that the user violated Article 9 or this agreement, we may cancel the accommodation reservation or account registration without prior notice.
Article 12
Handling of personal information
In providing this system, we will never disclose personal information and usage history of the user we knew to third parties unless it falls under the following. When there is a request for disclosure from a public agency. When the consent of the user himself / herself is obtained. When meeting the conditions stipulated by the Personal Information Protection Act.
In case of outsourcing company exchanging confidential contract concerning handling of personal information.
When an unavoidable situation occurs that requires urgent response, such as the risk of the user's life, the body may be harmed.
We may use user's information for investigation of usage trend of this system, confirmation / survey for user support, promotion / marketing purpose.
Article 13
System shutdown
We may temporarily suspend this system at the time of maintenance check of the server and when we are forced to stop the system urgently, without prior notice.
Article 14
We do not assume the responsibility of the user in using this system even if damage to the user and the third party concerning the following items occurs.
When a user gives trouble, damage, etc. to a third party by using this system. Something wrong with reservation failure due to mistake of user's operation input etc.
When this system does not operate normally due to the situation in Article 12 or the Internet environment condition of the user, communication circumstances, etc.
There are reasons attributable to the responsibility of the user or a third party, such as cancellation of accommodation reservation by the user or a third party.
Article 15
In using this system, in case of problems with matters not contained in this contract, we discuss and resolve in good faith between the parties.
If the dispute which can not be resolved by the discussion between the parties concerning the use of this system occurs, it shall be resolved in accordance with the laws of Japan at the jurisdictional court of our company's location.
This agreement may be changed without prior notice.

Supplementary revision in October 2018

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