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Toyoko Inn Club Card International
Toyoko Inn Club Card International

Benefit [1]
Free Toyoko Inn single room accommodation coupon

Receive one free single room accommodation coupon after 10 stays as International member.

When using free single room accommodation coupon:
It is valid for one person and one night in single room per coupon.
* In the cases below, difference between the regular single room rate, which depends on the hotel, and the room guest staying would be charged and must be paid by either by cash, credit card, cash coupons(usable coupons are limited to those which are allowed under Toyoko Inn cash coupon campaign rules), or Toyoko Inn gift certificate.
  • When the guest is staying twin, double, deluxe room or any other room which is not single room, and/or
  • When the guest is staying with Set Plan(such as room with VOD, rental PC and etc.).
Benefit [2]
Everyday Discount! By showing your Toyoko Inn Membership card.

20% discount on Sundays and Holidays of the lodging country.

5% discount on Monday to Saturday.

* New Toyoko Inn Club Card International members could receive membership discount on the day they join.

* The membership discount applies only to a room charge which a Toyoko Inn Club card owner stays.

* The membership discount could combine with "eco Plan"and/or "discount coupon issued by Toyoko Inn".

* Any other discounted campaign and/or plans not mentioned in the above could NOT be combined with the membership discount.

* Some rooms and hotels not available for the discount.

Benefit [3]
Bonus Point Days on the "Toyoko Inn Day"(on the 10th of every month)

* Bonus point will be added at the next check-in from the next month onwards.

Benefit [4]
Easy check-in!

* Please show your membership card at the time of check-in.

* You will be asked to write your name on the registration card.

Benefit [5]
Reservations from up to 6 months in advance!

Access here for reservations:

Benefit [6]
Early check-in from 15:00!

* Please confirm the check-in time when you making your reservation.

Benefit [7]
Club card is also your room key!

Toyoko Inn International Club Card can be used as a room key.

* Applicable to those hotels that are equipped with card key systems.
* Some of the card and/or hotels may excluded from the application.

Benefit [8]
Toyoko Inn club card with So many Services

Click here for more details.

If you do not present your membership card at date of check-in, a point will not be credited. Please always bring your card with you when you come to stay at Toyoko Inn.

* Printed copy or photocopy of card is not accepted. You must always present your actual membership card.

  • When applying for membership, general customers are required to bring document that can confirm their identity. Those who are aged over 60 should bring appropriate public certificate document to prove their age(copies are unacceptable), and those who are students must show student ID(copies are unacceptable). We will make copies thereof.
  • Toyoko Inn Club Card International could be issued to a junior high school student and over.
  • Benefits will be applied only when the card is presented by the member in person.
  • The membership discount applies only to a room which a Toyoko Inn Club Card owner stays.
  • If two Toyoko Inn Club Card owners stay in a double or twin room together, only one of them receives a point.
  • The membership discount can not be combined with any other discounted campaign and/or plans.
  • One point is credited each time the member of the card owner stays at the hotel.(Point(s) at other Toyoko Inns on the same day will not be credited.)
  • When using free single room accommodation coupon, neither accommodation points nor Toyoko Inn Day's bonus points will be credited.
  • Not applicable to all rooms.
  • Benefits will not be applied when using any website other than Toyoko Inn official website or a travel agent. Also, free single room accommodation coupon can not be used for such reservation(s).
  • Public holidays of the country in which the Toyoko Inn is located will be applied for Benefit 2.
  • Only Toyoko Inn Club Card International could be issued if the guest applies for the membership outside of Japan.
    Admission Fees for countries other than Japan are followings:
    Korea: ₩15,000 (Student ₩10,000)     Cambodia : USD10.00 (Student USD8.00)    Germany : €15,00 (Student €10,00 )
  • The above contents are subject to change without notice. Please ask the Reception desk for details.